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The Melding with Winterhoof is coming ...

posted Oct 28, 2013, 1:05 PM by Tcheekin Gm
So in case you have NOT heard, virtual server merges are happening up and down the line for Blizzard. The idea is to revitalize servers that are suffering from low population and activity. Theoretically, it's a sound concept but it is yet to be seen whether this truly improves anything across the servers. The one positive I can say about this is that there are few if any negatives about such a move. Some will argue that it will overpopulate areas but I have to say ... if you look at Kilrogg-US and then check out Winterhoof ... I truly doubt this is a threat. In reality, it will either do nothing or will benefit us completely (lower queue times, larger guilds/populations, enhanced economies). 

That being said, personally, I'm cautiously excited about this upcoming addition especially on the heels of Blizzcon and all the announcements they will make there (most likely the next expansion). I am revitalizing the "recruitment" campaign on the WoW forums including the Winterhoof server. I am also going to experiment with starting some toons over there just to see if mechanically, such a blend will give us the opportunity to breach the 11 toon limit per server ... granted we will still be limited to 11 ... but since we can cross server guild sign up ... that's 22 possible guild toons ... ALT HEAVEN!!! I'll NEVER max level anything ever again ... muhahahahahah ...

Hoping also to re-re-revisit the website setup, discussion groups and forum ... so far it really hasn't worked well considering half our guild including officers aren't even aware we HAVE a website /sigh.