"n00b" Dictionary

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I wanted to create this page for Jodar but it really applies to anyone that finds themselves watching a conversation in-game but not catching what all the phrases mean. And yes ... there are a LOT. Mostly its gamer speak specific to game mechanics for WoW but there are other definitions. For those that DO understand this lingo, please feel free to post additional word/definitions you believe they may want to know :)

So the first term would be "n00b" which is basically a somewhat derogatory term to mean new person or "newbie" to the game. I look at it as we were all n00bs at one point (even the Developers) so wear it with pride ... I still do years later :)

  • Class Jobs
    • Tank: Keeps the attention (aggro/hate) of the attacking creature (mob) while the other party members work to dispatch it.
    • Main Healer (MH): Keeps the tank (and others in small groups) alive while he/she tanks.
    • DPS: Damage Per Second ... a game mechanic used to denote how much damage an attack can do per second on average. It is also used to denote the damage class jobs to deal out damage in the goal of dispatching a target(s). 
    • Off-Tank (OT): In larger groups (RAIDs) you may need more than one tank to keep the multitude of enemies distracted.
    • Off-Healer (OH): Keeps the Off Tanks and other members alive.
  • Alt: These are characters that you play that are not your main (see Main below).
  • Aggro and Hate: Each creature has a game mechanic that tracks how much they dislike each player measured in "hate". The player they dislike the most at anytime, is the one they will most likely focus their attacks on. This player is said to have "Aggro". If one player pulls a creature off (surpasses the other on the hate chart) then they are said to have "Aggro'd" the creature.
  • Mob: This is another name for any computer controlled creature in the game.
  • Azeroth - The world in which most of WoW takes place

  • Bank - The place in nearly every friendly city where you can visit and deposit or withdraw items using bags in bank slots

  • BC - The Burning Crusade, the first WoW expansion pack which brought us The Outlands continent, flying mounts and a player max level of 70

  • BFD - Blackfathom Deeps, 5-man instance recommended for levels 20-27 in northwestern Ashenvale

  • BG (or Battleground) - A PVP-oriented instance that normally has 10-40 players from both factions
  • Cata - Short referral to the Cataclysm Expansion which brought a complete change to all the old zones, questing speeds, and upped the level cap to 85.
  • CD (or "cooldown") - The amount of time before you can use something after using it

  • Eastern Kingdoms - One of the two "vanilla" continents in Azeroth

  • Dungeon - A 5-man PVE-oriented instance

  • Hearth (or Hearthstone) - To use the item by the same name which can teleport you "home" with a cooldown of 60 minutesNote: You can replace a lost hearthstone by talking to an innkeeper.

  • FP (or Flight Path) - The place where a flight master hangs out. You can pay this dude to fly you to any another "known" FP

  • Instance - A part of the world that is spawned or created when you enter it, so all or most of it is identical each time you enter

  • Kalimdor - One of the two "vanilla" continents in Azeroth

  • Mailbox - The way players typically send and receive items, messages or goldNote: These are typically found in front of a town's Inn or Bank

  • Main: This is the character that you play the most.
  • NPC - Non-Player Character

  • Org (or Orgrimmar) - a relatively large Horde capital city in Durator (on Kalimdor) near where a few races have starting zones

  • PUG (or Pick Up Group) - an ad-hoc group of players bound together by a shared purpose

  • PVE (or Player Versus Environment) - On a PVE server, you generally will only be required to fight NPCs, since you normally aren't "flagged" for PVP combat.

  • PVP (or Player Versus Player) - On a PVP server, you may often find yourself dealing with players of the other faction. You can duel players of the same faction outdoors, play in battlegrounds (a special faction-versus-faction instance with certain goals for victory) or participate in arena matches (where you and friends compete against 2, 3 or 5 other arena players)

  • Raid (Group) - a group of players typically greater than 5 people which typically enter a raid instance together or participate in some other nefarious activity like a city "PVP" raid

  • Raid (Instance) - an instance typically designed for 10 or more players

  • RFC - Ragefire Chasm, the 5-man instance in Orgrimmar

  • SFK - Shadowfang Keep, 5-man instance recommended for levels 18-25 in the Silverpine Forest

  • Toon - A character

  • Vanilla - How some players refer to WoW before the expansion packs

  • WC - Wailing Caverns, 5-man instance recommended for levels 15-21 in the Barrens

  • WOTLK (or "Wrath") - Wrath Of The Lich King, the second WoW expansion pack which brought us the Northrend continent and a player max level of 80