Critter Warfare in Mulgore

posted Jul 23, 2012, 10:41 AM by Tcheekin Gm
Hidden Critter MapSo with critter combat coming up in MoP I decided to go revisit a long time battle in the northern hills of Mulgore.

Up on a Plataea to the West of Thunderbluff, straddling the intersections of Stoneridge, Desolace and Mulgore is a beautiful field where the air seems calm and peaceful. 

Axe Rabbit
However, among this illusion of tranquility brews a murderous rampage of bunnies, gophers and mice.

In the northern end, axe wielding rabbits are rampaging through the fields terrorizing the smaller rodents, cutting them down in the cuteness. 

Killing Axe Rabbit

Armed Gophers
Towards the south, both gopher and mouse, have armed themselves and are extracting revenge. 

Shotgun Mouse

This area is truly a war of cuteness without mercy.