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What!?! There games OTHER than World of Warcraft!?!?!

C64 .. before its time.
Heheh ... well, actually we LOVE games and have been playing them with each other for more than two decades in some cases ... many of us started off with our massive (somewhat questionable legality) game collections for our Commodore 64s ... yeah, you heard me ... the C64 was a GOD of a machine and light years ahead of its time (patience was a 1541 floppy drive)!!!

We also did the whole dawn of the Nintendo age with our blistered thumbs and late night Mario games. Then Sega was released and it was ALL Final Fantasy galore ... between C64 games :) We were still pounding away on Pools of Radiance and Questron (and many others). Since then we've all moved on to other items, mainly PC games but console as well. For a time, a few of us even owned and operated a game store. So games have always been a major factor of our lives. 

We love to play different games with each other and it dawned on me that we should be listing what we play somewhere easy for other members to reference ... so they can jump in on the fun being had :) Please post what games you play (and platform) other than World of Warcraft and we'll see about playing the "guild" beyond just WoW.

Other Games

posted May 28, 2012, 10:44 AM by Gammon Stark

I tend to be behind on Console gaming.  I remember watching my friends play The Legend of Zelda, Chrono Trigger, and Final Fantasy VI as a kid, but I did not get to play them until I got my own consoles in college.  Since then, I have managed to only be a year or two behind - which works out since the games usually drop in price.

I tend to prefer turn-based RPGS, but they seem to be hard to come by now.  Again, it works out, I will just explore all the old RPGS I have yet to play yet like Star Oceans, Wild Arms, and Alchemists of...

Kingdom Hearts got me, even though it is an action-rpg full of x smashing (ok, sometimes triangle smashing), but I probably got into it for the Square-Disney connection.  For some reason, though, I only seem to enjoy the Sony releases of KH.  The Gameboy titles did not grab me.

Looking on my shelf I have Radiant Historia, Alchemists of Arland, Star Oceans 2 (psp), Game of Thrones RPG all waiting for me during the Summer.  Twisted Metal is on my wish list.  I will buy Persona 5 the day it comes out, but will not buy a Vita just to play Persona 4 with a few added scenes.  Well... I keep telling myself that.

I will probably try out Old Republic this Summer.

Board games are fun.  My wife and I have become quite obsessed with Transamerica.  She loves Chinese Checkers, but won't play with me because I suck at it.  We also tend to play Chez Geek. I like other card games, but my addictive personality does not mesh well with collectibles.  Having said that, I think we have a couple thousand Inu Yasha cards laying around the house.  Shadowfist was the best, though.

Oh, and I play D&D, any edition is fine as long as I get to roll a d20 and have hit points.  I prefer 2e with all its epic campaign setttings, but am only playing 3.5 at the moment.  I am off and on in a Savage Worlds game.  Interesting system, but I like levels.

I also like to make giant posts about stuff.


Tcheekin plays ...

posted May 10, 2012, 4:48 PM by Tcheekin Gm   [ updated Jul 21, 2018, 12:24 PM by Todd Fisher ]


I'm a game-a-holic ... as a hobby I have always collected games, electronic or otherwise ... I love the concept of gaming itself, the strategies, the analysis, the team work, the imagination ... everything that is the essence of a game. Recently, I've been devoting some serious effort into game design as well ... we'll see how that turns out :)

My Current Obsessions (as of July 2018)
World of Warcraft
Heroes of the Storm
Diablo 3 (On XBox One)
Minecraft (On XBox One)
Battletech (PC)

Yes ... I'm currently stuck on mostly Blizzard games ... love them all and have little time for others at the moment.

Non-Digital Games ... I owned a Game Store / Internet Cafe called Imagination Shoppe for a few years so on some level you could say I've played them all. We hosted tournaments, public gaming sessions, demos and so on all the time. Every Friday was Warhammer night which expanded into ALL minis ... I became a fan of Warmachine and Hordes. Weekends were usually some form of board game or RPG demo ... some favorites that came out of that were Warhammer Fantasy RPG (the latest version is REALLY fun) and the multitude of Carcassonne options. 

We also were deeply ingrained in the Trading Card Games being an official tournament Magic the Gathering store as well as getting certified as an official tournament location for WoW TCG and Pokemon. Although Magic was the biggest one we had, including hosting several semi-nationals, I fell in love with World of Warcraft's own Trading Card Game. The game has an excellent rule system, great play and tons of tournament options .. in my opinion better than Magic (I have a whole argument for that one). Our favorite thing was Tuesday RAID nights ... up to six players, one being the RAID boss would play ... just AWESOME game.

Other than that we played a LOT of games ... I could go on for days  :)

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