ALE RUN this Labor Day Weekend (Sunday Noon)

Post date: Aug 30, 2012 3:13:21 PM


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Prep (this means do it BEFORE Sunday)

Ale Run!!

Everyone roll a new character and give it a really goofy name (something having to do with drunkenness works).Level the toon enough to get out of the area or up to 20th MAX ... either will work fine.Get yourself a creative outfit ... or go naked ... your choice (you could dress as Mario or Ninja Turtle, etc.)Park them in Ogrimmar with bag space :)You might want to ensure they can Fish and possibly cook (for the fire making).Execution (Starts Noonish PST Sunday)Hand out drinks and food before we start our journey (cookies, ale, etc.)

When we are all ready ... get drunk in game (RL if yer up to it but game at least)

Then we all climb (or stumble) to the Zeppelin and take it over to Grom'Ghal (in Stranglethorn Vale)

Once we've all arrived (not sure how many times we might ride it back and forth) we'll head out on the road going NORTH.

We will be crossing into Duskwood then head over into Westfall.

We might stop by in Sentinel Hill just to see if there are any party goers on the Alliance side.

Otherwise we will continue to our ultimate goal ... Elwynn Forest ...


And what to do when we get there? We are going to MURDER every single critter that zone has .. that's right .. its slaughter time for those Squirrels!!! We will start from the Southern entrance by Westfall and slowly move through the forest killing every critter that we find (while drunk) move up to the Abbey and then over to the Eastern exit heading into Redridge.

We will be taking breaks to eat cookies, get happy/sad/mad/scared and maybe grow our pets .. maybe have some fun getting ganked as we surely will be :P We'll finally end the Ale Run hanging out in Lakeshire .. or as near as we can get without getting killed .. a lot :D