Post date: Jan 26, 2011 12:50:26 AM

So it has begun ... Deathwing is bring all that we remember about WoW to an explosive end. The world is being ripped apart by Mr. Grumpy and his burning plated body. Something inside of me is actually a bit sad to see the world go away as it was ... I have a lot of memories of "Vanilla WoW" world. There are many times that we Blokes went out for a ride and got caught up in the fun of the game. I'm still excited to see the new content and watch the storyline development as everything changes with time but still there is some mourning for all that once was.

Of course, I'm currently dealing with the loss of portals in Dal and Shatt ... everyone else is excited about it but I really dislike it when they do everything they can to encourage people to NOT visit past content. They did it with BC, then with WoTLK and now with Cata. Many places will become desolate, void of any play ... remember when Vanilla, no matter what zone you were in, there was someone else to either party with you ... or gank you :) I think I'm getting too old for this game.