Blizzcon 2014 ... Blokes will go AGAIN!!!

Post date: Apr 22, 2014 9:57:59 PM

Blizzcon 2014

Ahhh yeah baby ... it's on AGAIN ... and just like every other year, the Daffy Blokes will be RAIDing Anaheim Convention Center once more. We'll be revisiting all the games ... all the booths ... all the bars ... all the lines ... all the Stamos ... and that waiter Schwarty has a thing for at the Marriott :D

The tickets went up in cost this year, now coming in at a cool $200 but honestly, the entire experience is worth it when you go with friends. The first sale starts at 7pm on May 7th (Wednesday) and second round is at 10am on May 10th (Saturday). As usual, we will all be working together to obtain as many batches of four (the max per person) we can so that everyone can attend. If you are interested in helping, let us know soon :D

And if you go, let us know so we can all hang out at Blizzcon!!!