Blizzcon was AMAZING!!! ... again :)

Post date: Nov 13, 2013 5:18:48 PM

Stamos hit Blizzcon

Just another amazing Blizzcon .. thanks to all the Blokes that were able to attend .. each one of you magnifies the fun by a hundred fold!!! Too many awesome things: played upcoming releases, introduced some to already in beta stuff, artwork, panels, news, Blink-182 and BEER!!!

We tossed our greek yogurt, baby!!!

I truly hope everyone had as much fun as I did laughing, joking, drinking, carousing and just being an outright gamer geek!!! And although it was not "officially" announced, it was stated by several upper managements (including Mr. Morhaime) there will be another Blizzcon next year ... so START SAVING NOW!!! I would love to see even more Blokes attend next year. Maybe we need to start a fundraising campaign :)

Blokes highlights:

John Stamos (don't ask)

Heroes of the Storm

Hearthstone (I did NOT help)

Costumes Everywhere ... polar bear mount

Lunch chat with Bob Nicholl

Jason the Waiter

Diablo III: Reaper of Souls ... Kasey did NOT kill the pillars this time

Taxi Cab needs Brakes (or is it supposed to sound like grinding metal)

Getting Gerg of the Tree Folk actually IN the Con this time :)

The list goes on ... thanks again to ALL of you Blokes!!