CLEAR!!! In Search of Life ...

Post date: Feb 17, 2014 11:42:55 PM

Clear!!! Looking for Life & New Blokes

The Daffy Blokes have been around for a long time ... longer than MMOs even (see our History tab) ... but it has not always been easy. As we progress in age, life challenges us more and more each season to maintain both a real world life as well as this virtual existence. Our careers take us on different paths. Our families provide daily entertainment and changes. Our worlds create new challenges that sometimes even lead us apart from our friends ... life altering changes. To do all of that and continue to live another life within the virtual worlds is a task in and of itself. If you are reading this, then you, too, already know of these hurdles.

Over the last few months, we have seen a very dry season here at the home of the Daffy Blokes. Many of the mainstay members have been unable to regularly attend events or even manage to log for a few moments to say "Hi!!". Most have not left the guild or the game ... they have just become temporarily burdened with life. However, it has made our halls quiet ... something the Blokes are definitely unfamiliar with ... silence. We will survive as we always have and eventually the laughter shall once again echo throughout our halls (I'd guess around expansion release ;) ).

It occurred to me during my many wanderings of our guild halls that there is an opportunity here as we face what many other guilds in WoW are currently facing ... the slowing of participation. Casual players tend to hangout longer than the hard-cores because even when all the end game content is done, they still enjoy all the other aspects of the game. So it may be time for the Blokes to find us more friends!!! So as we always do, we welcome new Blokes to enter our halls and maybe with your help, we can rekindle the fires that have burned here for so long. Come be a part of the fun :D