Darkmoon Faire is OPEN!!!

Post date: Jan 4, 2012 11:41:34 PM

I know this is nothing new really ... it IS a monthly event BUT I just wanted to take a moment to lavish praise on the new format they have developed. Playing at the new Darkmoon Faire is one of the funnest reoccurring events in the game for me. The sites, the sounds, the games ... everything is just so wonderful :) And if you hit the hour right, you can join the mosh pit (unless yer a girly Alliance) front stage for L90ETC!!!


If you are all about game mechanics and couldn't give a gnomes ass about having fun, well then the Faire is STILL a great place. The nearly free +5 to every profession you can get is alone worth it ... and it IS reoccuring ... that means that EVERY MONTH you can get +5 to each and every profession. Are you stuck at 520 and can't get those last few Truegold pieces (because they are 8 billion a piece on the AH)? Hit the Faire and get capped ... it REALLY IS that simple.

So I highly suggest trying out this place for a WoW day of fun ... you will not be disappointed :)