Discord is ALIVE!!!!

Post date: Apr 27, 2017 10:22:37 PM

Discord Server

Discord Knight says "LOG IN TO DAFFY BLOKES DISCORD!!!"

Oh yeah he does ... GET IN HERE, Blokes ... you don't even need a mic to play. Discord is more powerful than a simple Voice Chat system. It has a complete text chat system with rooms dedicated to Bloke subjects. Just hang out during the daytime for all sorts of fun* stuff.

We've recently had several new Blokes join the crew and they are very into chatting in Discord. We have also been streaming some RAIDs and other content. All of this is easily found on our Discord Server ... just check out the Discord Communication Server tab up top if you need help logging on.

*Fun is defined by Blokes as weird, dirty, odd, strange, out of place, awkward and any other term you would use to describe Tcheekin.