Dragon is going DOWN!!! Patch 4.3 now Live

Post date: Nov 29, 2011 11:30:29 PM

With the arrival of Patch 4.3 we will see the end of Deathwing's reign of madness. There are also several new changes that hint at whats to come in the future of the game mechanics. The biggest in my mind is the changes to tanking ... the game is no longer about holding aggro once its established but more of mitigating damage. I am still struggling with this from the stand point of old skool vs new ... I always loved being the absorbing tank ... piss every mob off and take ALL of the damage so no one else gets hurts. I think of it as Juggernaut tanking ... bitch ... :) You only worried about keeping all mobs mad at you, not your health, you just absorbed everything. The new style has the warrior thinking less about keeping mobs angry and more about how not to get hit or take damage. Some like the finesse of such a style but something irks me about it ... not sure what :-/

Anyhow, there are other changes as well including some major Fire Mage love so we'll see how the old nuke tree manages now.Some other UI and game functions have been improved ... and Northrend is been nerfed to make leveling faster ... /cry. This is needed as Northrend is nothing more than a leveling zone but I will miss the epicness of it .. IMO the Northrend zone was the best EVER made ... Q lines were amazing, creatures, dungeons, music, everything was so insanely epic ... only the game mechanics needed work. C'est La Vie ... Epicness of Northrend, you shall be missed.