Dungeon Journal Coming!!!

Post date: Jun 23, 2011 11:07:02 PM

At first, I really was against this .. the feeling was "easy mode" for WoW but the more I thought about that, the more I realized how illogical that reaction is and how amazingly helpful this upcoming tool will be. The tool basically gives you a good idea of each boss in each dungeon as well as loot dropped and other important factors tied to the encounter. Players already are required (via peer pressure) to spend time outside of the game researching and learning the tactics of a fight ... how many times have you heard "did you read up on this boss?" then get crucified because you didn't?

Blizzard has now moved addons such as BossTactics or sites like WoWHead into the game. Coming up on a boss you've never fought before, just open your Journal and give a quick read ... it won't give you all the answers to fighting BUT you'll at least know what that fire he is spouting out at you is ... and that when it enrages with that funny glow, you should book out :) I see a lot of potential in this powerful tool and I'm hoping it comes to the game a little more developed than the Guild Finder tool ... which is potentially awesome but in its current state really isn't all that great.

Check the Dungeon Journal out on WoW's website.