Kilrogg Reborn ... a tad

Post date: Aug 2, 2011 4:35:04 PM

So where has Tcheekin been recently? I made the mistake of introducing my two daughters to WoW and now they keep wanting to play their new toons (they're up to three characters each, now) much to the chagrin of my wife. However, after a single attempt with Dark Iron toons, we found it a bit harried with ganking, ginvites, and overall game harassment. So I got them up on Kilrogg and much to my surprise found a server that is alive in both game and community (at least compared to DI). We received a very warm welcome and have been enjoying the experience since then.

Am I quitting Dark Iron? Nah ... my mains are there and the guild has had so much work put into it ... and you can't transfer guilds (yet). However, in all honesty it has been a blast playing on Kilrogg ... a fun I haven't had in a long time (thinking Kara farming days & vanilla) ... so don't be surprised to see me there even on times when the kids are NOT playing. If you don't have a toon on Kilrogg but would like a guild invite, just hit me up in-game. Do a search for "daffy blokes" to find me :D Otherwise, feel free to send me your RealID and we can cross-server party up just to chat ... tried it with Baldy and Jodessa ... its just too awesomesauce :D