Mists of Pandaria Beta is LIVE!!!

Post date: Mar 22, 2012 7:03:46 PM

Mists of Pandera Beta

And its full of some Blokes!!! Several of us are now wandering the world of the upcoming expansion, Mists of Pandaria ... and 'tis beeeautiful :) Luckily, Blizzard was kind enough to allow us to actually post screens and write details about the world; unlike Diablo 3 beta which we are DYING to link on but can't :P C'est la Vie ...

We are playing primarily on Gilneas but since End Game content isn't really open (yet), it doesn't make much difference since all you can truly do is run a soft, cuddly panda character around the newb zone :D /squeeze

And Jodar is going to flip ... there is the BIGGEST FRICKIN TURTLE EVER ... we'll never get her off her monitor.

"Jo .. TURTLE!!!" .. "WHAT!? OMG CUTE ..." /endofallattentionspan

Check the Image Gallery for pics and post your own, its a public Picasa album!!!