Mumble Server is LIVE!!!

Post date: Jul 3, 2012 4:49:26 PM

Mumble Server

It has been asked for by some of our members and now it has come to life ... Mumble Server!!! This is what happens when you have IT Admins running a guild ;) Thanks go to Samizdat for hosting the server as well as providing the hardware. What is Mumble?

Similar to Ventrillo and Team Speak, Mumble is a Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) software that allows members to join a "room" and all chat with each other utilizing their Internet connection, speakers and a microphone.

Why use Mumble instead of Vent or TS?

Mumble was designed specifically for low latency use primarily by competitive FPS players who value every millisecond of bandwidth they can squeeze out. Vent and TS are very well established but in terms of bandwidth use are hogs compared to Mumble. The WoW community in general is "stuck" on Vent because it works and many don't know/care about their bandwidth usage but Mumble can and will make a huge difference in your ping/lag. Try it and you'll see what the rest of the gaming world (outside of WoW) already knows :)

Do I HAVE to use Mumble/Mic in Blokes?

Of course not ... we don't have rules ... we're Blokes :) It was put up for those that like to chat but hate typing /snicker. Guild Chat will still have all the talk it needs ... if anything, you can log into Mumble with just speakers ... if you prefer to type, then TYPE away!!! You can hear them and they can still READ you ... if anything, Mumble just provides Blokes another method to talk with each other.

How do I get on?

First download the Mumble Client. Don't panic, the install is SUPER easy ... just follow the wizard and it will get you going. Then head over to our <Discussion Board> to get the details. You can also ask questions or for help if you encounter any issues. Many of us have a good deal of time under our belts working as IT Tech Support reps so we can and will get you running smoothly.

Full Details on NEW Mumble Server page (see top right menu tab)

So let's get ready to MUMBLE!!!!