Patch 4.0.6 is now Live

Post date: Feb 8, 2011 4:49:35 PM

There are a lot of fixes, changes and balances ... some are good, some not so good ... and some make me grind my teeth REALLY REALLY hard. Mages needed the nerf they received ... they might not like it but it was needed especially for PvP balance. Let's face it, Frost Mages were just DK like broken and in fact, someone with my "lesser" PvP skills could even kill a DK with little struggle. You know your class is broken when it can kill the perma-broken class :D

But the one that really gets me is the massive AoE Tanking nerf us warriors received. WTF!?! ALL our AoE tanking skills, as well as a fairly important rage dump skill (Heroic Strike) were slapped with a 20%+ damage reduction. Were we not already struggling hard to tank groups?? So what's the "goal" for warriors now? Level up praying someone is nice enough to allow you to run with them as a DPS class until you get into RAIDs and only THEN do you get to tank since you can't manage group tanks in 5-mans? I have a feeling this is the dev's way to encourage people to get back into the "give the tank a few minutes to gain aggro" thought pattern but I'm afraid all it will really do is get people to /kick warriors more often in PUGs; we get cussed out all the time anyhow.

Ok ... that's my rant ... I wish more than anything that with patch changes, they would provide quick summaries of WHY they were heading a direction. They do it with some items, give a reason for the change, but never with class changes. If I knew their thought pattern, I'd feel better about changes because at least then I could truly test out using the skills as they want them. Yes, this means not learning it on my own ... I don't have time for that crap :D