Patch 4.1 Live Today!!!

Post date: Apr 26, 2011 6:46:29 PM

Lots of new content, tools and fixes. The two things I'm personally looking forward to the most are the Guild Challenges and the Guild Finder tool. The Challenges are a great item to get the guild together more often. We have already been working on the Guild Achievements and personally, I've been having a blast (hope all of you are, too). The Challenges just brings it to a different level with new rewards but keeps the same idea ... to build the team that is the guild.

The Guild Finder appears (can't say much since we haven't tested it) to provide us with an opportunity to recruit people into the guild that really do match our laid back, easy going game style. I commend Blizzard on this tool concept and I'm sure it will not be perfect at first, I have high hopes for its future.

You can check out ALL the Patch 4.1 Notes on Blizzard's website.