Prepare for the Upcoming Pet Combat!!!

Post date: Jul 20, 2012 4:21:48 PM

Pet Combat

Are you ready for COMBAT!?! With Mists of Pandaria will come an entirely new (and fun) combat system designed to pit your vanity pets against each other. That's right, those fluffy, non-combative, show off pets will now be able to fight each other!!! Pets will be able to be taught new abilities, you can name them now, pit them against each other and build yourself a rep for the most vicious pets in your arsenal.

You can learn more about the combat at Blizzard's new Pet Battle System Page. In order to assist with preparation for this amazing new game, I have created a webpage that contains a compiling list of the in-game. non-combative pets. Use this page to go out there and start building your army!!! Go check out the Pets Rule Page :)

I dream of a day when we can RAID Stormwind with an army of fuzzy skunks, deer and snakes :)