Rage of the Firelands Live

Post date: Jun 29, 2011 1:39:05 AM

So the patch has arrived and new content is available!!! Get your dailies going and check out your Valor Point conversion ... you may have access to gear yesterday you just couldn't afford :) One of the big highlights for me is the Dungeon Journal Tool ... I can't wait to pop this baby up in the midst of a dungeon run and get informed ... if anything, it'll cut down all the /p and /g chat spam we normally get from THAT PALADIN GUY /evilgrin /prepforelbow :)

Also, there are a bunch of new incentives going on right now to get people BACK into the game including some free 30 day passes (just ask your local long time player). The game has aged but I'd really like to get some more casual "mosey" players like us to together ... if anything, I miss Ale Runs and other silly crap we used to do. Post any thoughts you may have or just post to say HI!!!