So whatcha' doin' dese days, Mon!?!

Post date: Dec 9, 2012 9:50:51 PM


Yeah yeah yeah ... Tcheekin has been out of touch for the last month or so but I'm coming back. Real life got in the way for a bit but it's all good :) Thanks to Matriculation and his determined RAID leading, the team has been knocking down all the old RAID dungeons and are now closing the gap on current expansion stuff. We have entered Firelands RAIDs recently and currently stand (or lying down dead as the case may be) in front of big Rag'Daddy himself.

With the holidays approaching and maybe some free time, I am hoping to get the guild back on track with some older fun stuff as well ... running dungeons for specific mounts, leveling some new toons/players ... getting drunk and attacking squirrels ... the usual Blokish' way of things :)

So if you are new to the Blokes ... WELCOME :) I promise to be on more often to say hi ... not that you want to talk to my sorry arse (there are more fun people in the guild to chat with). If you aren't new to the guild ... CONGRATS on finally finding our main website /endsarcasm.