Special Welcome Home

Post date: Sep 5, 2012 7:04:33 PM

Original Members (2004)

Recently we have experienced a wonderful growth ... why is it great? Because we have managed to accomplish exactly what we wanted to as a guild ... we found new friends ... people that somewhere deep down have always been Blokes but now they are home (someone sack the sappy post writer) ...

So anyways, with all these great additions I wanted to say thank you so much :)

And then something else occurred ... two of our founding members, away on Real Life hiatus, decided to return to the game and to our humble abode (let's face it .. they were threatened, bribed and coaxed into it but what are friends for). I wanted to welcome back one of our officers and original silly events coordinator iHorde!!! If that isn't enough, I would also like to give out a cheer for the return of a founding member and our original Ice Chest ... the man with the Ale ... Akrim!!!

I can only hope we continue to discover more Blokes out there in the World of Warcraft to bring to the party, so that we can all Mosey together and enjoy our way of life. Party on Wayne ... party on Garth ...

OMG .. did I just date myself .. ugggg

iHorde Bear Dance