The Horde Beeotch is going DOWN!!!

Post date: Sep 11, 2013 12:33:55 AM

Snipe Garrosh Dead

FINALLY .. we get to take this Horde skid mark off the map ... I HATE this guy so darn much it makes my horns twitch. I know that Blizzard wanted us to dislike him, to create that impassioned feeling towards a character that would eventually rise as the primary antagonist but Garrosh did more than that ... or less depending on how you view it ... there are parts of the game and story line that I now detest. I have never truly loathed something in WoW previous to this jerk ... and it's not just him ... I detest how zones, quests, areas, dungeons and other things were altered because of him. Instead of just a dislike for the enemy, I refuse to even access certain parts of the game anymore than I must because of him ... that's not good ... they are supposed to make me hate him, to rise up and help kill him ... not to dislike the game :(

Heck, I hated the Lich King but I loved the game throughout it all ... this wasn't good. Bad taste in mouth for this expansion.

So let's all gang up and rid ourselves of this blight ... I want a better game of WoW back ... I'm tired of being part of a self-destructive faction.

And for those that are wondering what to do first ... go to the Timeless Isle ... any gear level 90 can get caught up fast so that they can participate in the new RAIDs.