The Iron Tide has ARRIVED!!!

Post date: Oct 14, 2014 3:12:36 PM

The Iron Tide - Patch 6.0.2

OH YEAH!!! That's right, the precursor to what I hope will be one of the best expansions to World of Warcraft ... Warlords of Draenor!!!! If you haven't already, you have GOT to check out the long laundry list of changes just be implemented in this patch. Despite what the native whiners on the forums dribble, these changes are all fantastic ... I know ... I've been playing since Alpha in the new expansion.

There is a definite feel to this patch and the upcoming expansion that has me titillated beyond normal. Things feel epic like the days of Wrath but things work cleaner like the days of ... dare I say ... Vanilla. That's right, I said it ... there is a vanilla like feel to a lot of the mechanics and its in a good way. Simplification that assists players in relying more on skill and less on how much grinding/money grabbing they could do to out gear the mobs.

And of course, all my addons will go to heck because lots of new built in UI enhancements ... many I've had addons for years to cover ... now Blizzard will do it natively. EXCITED!!! And there's a ton more .. NEW MODELS!!! We are all getting face lifts!!

Check out the patch notes ... because I could go on forever.

Oh .. and the Blokes are going to go WIPE in UBRS!!! So get on that boat!!!