The Legion has ARRIVED!!!!

Post date: Aug 30, 2016 2:50:35 PM

World of Warcraft Legion has Arrived!!

That's right, kids .. its time to run to the hills .. the Legion has ARRIVED and they are really really grumpy :D The pre-release invasion events were a blast ... both figuratively and literally ... stupid flame caster ... and now all of that culminates in the Horde bum-rushing the islands to make the party happen!!!

Despite having to wait all day until my copy arrives (ordered the physical box CE version - pay more to get later) I am excited for this expansion. Tons of lore, some great mechanic revamps and a lot of interest. Just seeing the servers fill up with people hanging out in capitol cities is awesome. We've even had several old time Blokes come out of slumber to return to their WOW addiction

Exciting times ... can't wait to see everyone in game ... and all of this right before we RAID Blizzcon once more!!!