Time for the Bunny!!! Hop Hop Hop ...

Post date: Apr 6, 2012 9:02:14 PM

Noble Garden Starts April 8th

That's right .. it's that time of year for the thinly veiled religious holiday of Noble Garden. Time to show them who REALLY is the Bunny ... Daffy Blokes!!! We are the Bunny ... and the Bunny is comin' ta'getcha!!!

Ok .. nuff of the psycho stuff .. get out there and get some eggs, people. Noble Garden is another fun holiday event that WoW provides us which is right up our alley so Hop Hop Hop, baby!!! The event begins April 8th.

That and I really wanted to post something with this killer image from the World of Warcraft site ... I think he'd look good in a Charmin commercial, too ... eewwwwwww.