Time to (Re)Start the Blokes Party!!!

Post date: Aug 4, 2013 11:45:54 PM

Party Time for Blokes

That's right ... it's time to kick this guild back into party time!!!

Summer appears to wreck havoc on family guilds with kids being out of school, vacations happening all over the place and ... well the list goes on but I'm sure you know what I mean. Nothing wrong with it ... it's great that Blokes get out in the real world and live their lives!!!

However, with our upcoming November Blizzcon RAID planned, I'm getting the party itch ... so time for Tcheekin (and anyone else willing to help) to start planning some fun stuff ... besides our usual Wednesday wipes ... er, I meant RAIDs. This also means Tcheekin (again, anyone else that wants to help) will be jumping on the Recruiting Forums for Blizzard and seeing if there are other Blokes out there in the world.

Sound great? Have ideas? Time to get the Discussion group moving ... or even the Beta Forums ... if you need an account on the forums, let me know.