We're All Going to HELL!!!

Post date: May 15, 2012 2:30:42 PM

Diablo 3 - Hell Returns

The long awaited Diablo 3 was released last night from Blizzard. Many of us have been involved in the beta or have been playing the game at Blizzcons since 2007. We can all vouch for the game in that its just a pile of Pure Mashed Killerness covered with a sloppy serving of AWESOMESAUCE dripping down to the Plate of Great Radicalness.

Along with the greatness that this game brings are some new features tied directly to Battle.net which will be impacting all of Blizzards games including WoW in the nearest future. The primary one is the change to how Real ID functions; emails will no longer be the base of the ID. Instead it will be a nick name attached to a unique number that you hand out to friends and gamers alike. This allows you to retain your email's privacy but still enjoy the great aspects of the Real ID system over Battle.net.

We will not be abandoning WoW by any means ... we just have to split our time a little more wisely so that we may fight off the evil entering our realm from Hell. If you are involved with Diablo 3 or will be playing it at all, let the other Blokes know by posting in our discussion groups!!! We all want to play together and KICK Diablo's ASS again!!!