We're ARE home .. Kilrogg Hooooo!!!!

Post date: Apr 8, 2012 5:02:14 PM

Kilrogg RISING - Going Home

Thanks to all the officers that assisted with this, we have moved back home. Check your toons in game as we have moved the guild off of Dark Iron and onto Kilrogg. I have high hopes with this move to invigorate the guild as well as bring a great team of people to the already alive and breathing community on Kilrogg.

If you have Dark Iron toon(s) fret not, as soon as the guild moves you will receive in game mail instructions on how to move your own characters over to Kilrogg and NOT lose your guild reputation. This offer is NOT timed so you can wait months, even a year before moving over. For those with multiple toons, I suggest only taking one at a time ... roll a new toon and level with the others already there :)

We have a sister guild on Kilrogg named Tempus Noobis who are full of rerolled toons ... they are a "casual leveling" guild and full of some good people. Hook up with them if you are looking for some fun.

Finally, there are several people I have met on Kilrogg in the last month or so that are truly of similar soul making to our own. I'd like to add to our guild and this old server has a lot of potential for such findings but I will need your help. Please feel free to be open and meet other players ... if they match our ways, throw them an invite. The more the merrier considering how much we love to just chat :D

Daffy Blokes Comes Home

And The Daffy Blokes have come Home!!!!