Common Questions


Are you a Casual Progressive guild?The terms "Casual" and "Progressive" get utilized a lot in guild recruitment but they are so broad, it feels as if the terms are almost meaningless. I believe a guild is better off defining their version of each term up front. "Progressive" is kind of a lost cause as any guild that does anything in the game is progressing ... if they weren't they would seem to be dead. I believe what most guilds are attempting to convey with the term is that they are moving through end game content at the rate that its being released. Is this Blokes? At one point, yes .. currently with the higher rates of content release ... nah. We get stuff done but its never server first these days. Too much pressure and we're not that kind of group.The term "casual" is even more broad than "progressive" ... The Daffy Blokes version of casual is presented in the information you will find throughout this website. We do not live in a virtual world ... we only play in it ... we all live in a real world with real responsibilities and we believe those should never fall in priority to a game ... it IS just a game. We will progress in content as we always have but we are not in a race ... we are enjoying all the aspects of this magnificent game in our players time as real life dictates.First off ... how in the name of Yogg-Saron do I post, comment or add to this website!?!

This website is a Google Sites webpage and as such, simply requires a user to have a google/gmail account. There should be a Login at the bottom of the page that leads you to your Gmail login. If not, simply going to your Gmail and logging in should suffice to provide access to the many features. The Discussion Group is publicly viewable but you will need an invite to participate ... if you are interested, just let Tcheekin know :)

Do you have any class requirements or needs? How about professions? Can I bring Alts in? How many?

Yes ... all of them ... actually, none of them ... actually ... We enjoy Players, not characters. Our play style as a guild is to play the game how each of us WANTS to play the game. That means playing the class we desire, the profession(s) we want and having a home as a person ... not a specific toon that "fits a job". If you want to tank, go for it ... heal? Sure .. Blacksmith .. you bet. But what if you go tank and three others are tanks in the guild ... what happens when we do content, raids and such? Easy, we take turns ... many times we'll even take turns between bosses on a long run if we have the people. Not everyone got a turn? Then we go again .. either that night or next time. We don't have specific RAID teams or core players or anything such ... we ... are ... very casual ... it's truly as simple as that. Does it work? It has for more than a decade ... remember, we've been here since DAY 1 of WoW and still have many of the original players ... how many guilds can claim that?

I want to run some old school instances ... is this even conceivable?

Oh heck yeah!! We are a day 1 guild having members that participated all the way back to Phase 2 closed beta ... and we all LOVE the old school stuff BIG TIME. If you want to try your hand at the those wonderful tasks from back in the day or even in the BC or Wrath expansion post on the boards. We'll all get together and smash that stuff out ... I guarantee there will be interested parties. It's how we Mosey.

Do you have a Guild Bank?

Despite having lost a good amount out of the bank in the past due to hacked accounts, we have managed to keep it stocked. We are not a high end guild, so don't expect to find it covered in 1000+g mats but we can manage to get our hands on some goods. There is no solid system in place that says how much you can "take" but the officers manage the inventory watching what comes and goes. We just ask our members to be as giving as the guild ... if you don't need it, please contribute. I guess you could call it a good Karma bad Karma system .. don't cheat, don't steal and be nice to your guild mates. You'll find the mats you need tend to get into your hands MUCH faster the more friendly and giving you are to others.

What Loot System do you use?

FFA - Free For All is our most commonly used loot system in five man instance runs. There are no thieves in Daffy Blokes (we kill those that do-it's what Baldy is for) ... if you want/need something, let everyone know then be big kids and work it out ... if more than one is interested, roll fair and square and if you don't get it ... pssh, let us know and we'll run it again :) We aren't daycare so be generous. If you lack funds and find yourself in trouble - ASK - don't steal. You'll get much farther ... and you won't get dead (see Baldy .. again).

GL (Epic) - Group Loot Epic is set for our RAIDs and sometimes 5-mans we have on farm for two reasons: faster movement through the instance (since many are on timers) and helps prevent accidents in the excitement of victory. Feel free to hold your roll until its talked out if there are questions. We don't discern between "alts" and "mains" ... Blokes are people, not toons ... if you want, roll. If you are worried about Need/Greed just ask the Raid leader. Again ... we don't steal ... our only ninjas are in costumes (and our Paladin - he ninjas all the plate gear - wait .. he's the only one - here comes a /pplselbow).

What Addons Specifically do you want used?

oRA2 and Big Wigs or Deadly Boss Mods helps but we do not have any MUST HAVES.

We can help you if you have any questions or concerns regarding add-ons so don't panic :) Tcheekin is an addon freakazoid.

What is an Ale Run??

Back in the olden days (Scooby Doo moment) one of our major entertainment events was hosting an Ale Run ... it was such a big success on Dragonmaw server that we created an "NCO" position who's sole charge was maintaining an alcohol laden toon for such occasions (GO AKY!!!). We would gather a RAID (in some cases more than one) full of 40 people that had to dress up in their favorite costume or go naked (no armor or weapons allowed) and equip their best fishing pole or other fun tool (bouquet of flowers). We would then trek across an entire continent (or two) picking up as many people from BOTH sides as we could to join in the fun ... on a high population PvP server ... we were off to some faraway destination usually in an opposing factions starting point or capitol to FISH!!! Only requirement is that you remain drunk at all times (blurred screen and all) hence the term ... Ale Run :) I can remember hours of drunkin cross faction fishin' in Mulgore (these were our Alliance years), friendly duals and just outright sillyness :P Some runs were down from the top of the continent to the bottom with a level MAX (like 20th) on the RAID ... do you KNOW what the aggro range for an 18th level gnomish warrior is in downtown STV (back in BC)!?! We had stuff from two zones back following us :) Run biotch run!!!

Cheers Mate!!!

... We have started hosting the Ale Runs again on Kilrogg!!! Our first one completed successfully, we hope to host more soon as well as other fun events!!!

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