Fun Stuff For Everyone

Fun Guild Events 1: Scavenger Hunt

This one requires quite a bit of preparation, generally. The idea is to come up with a list of items you want your

participants to locate throughout the world, and see who can bring them back fastest. It’s up to you whether you want

to involve any role-playing; it can be neat to have a reason why they are looking for these items.

I would recommend using grey items, since they will be much less likely to be able to just hit the Auction House and buy

them. You can use WoW Head to search through the junk items and pick out anything you find interesting or build items

together to create a storyline. One of the items (usually the final one) should be more difficult than the rest to obtain,

although not by too much.

Try to include multiple areas in your hunt, so people have to try to figure out the best way to get around. Both

continents, and possibly a required order will get people running around quite a bit. Avoid using areas that may

challenge lower level characters and select zones or a zone path appropriately. You will also want to ensure that each

character involved has the same level(s) of mount skill and if flying is involved that they are equal. You may also require

all points to be obtained via flight points only. No recalls or teleports are allowed.

Clues are developed that will lead players from one point to another until they reach the final (secret) destination. These

clues are then dispersed amongst three members that will then proceed to their appointed locations across the zone,

continent or world (depending on level of participants).

Each participant is provided the first clue which, when figured out, should lead them to the area of the first hidden

member. It will not lead them exactly … they need to get to the area and then find the actual person. Once discovered,

open a trade chat window with the member and they will provide you with your next clue. This continues until the final

hidden member is discovered. The first participant to find and open trade with the final clue holder is the winner.

Be sure to test run your hunt in advance. WoW Head can be wrong about drop rates, and you want to make sure it’s

possible to finish without taking forever. This will also give you an estimate in time, so people can know how long to

expect to be involved.

Fun Guild Events 2: Cow Darts

This is a pretty easy one to set up, and quick to run. You need to roll a Tauren and head to Thunder Bluff. Find a good

place to jump off, and just die. Do not res, just run back to your corpse as a ghost and stand over your poor mangled


Now, have everyone else bring Taurens to Thunder Bluff. I’d recommend giving a general hint about where you fell off

(i.e. northern side of Hunter Rise), so they can find your corpse. They should be able to see and target the corpse from

the top of the Bluff. Their task is to jump off and land exactly where your corpse is.

Everyone gets up to 3 tries. If they are unsatisfied with their first attempt, they can release, res, and try again. All that

will be left are a pile of bones. When they are satisfied with their attempt, or when they hit their 3rd try, they should

not res, and should leave their body so their corpse remains for judging.

After everyone is finished, the winner is the corpse closest to the “target”. It can be hard to judge, because if there are

some really good darts players, it will seem like some of the corpses have combined into one dead Tauren. Feel free to

declare a tie or run a tie breaker.

Option A: For high levels, you can do this game with flying mounts anywhere. You will need a second person to set

the “height” requirement of the mount … they have to release from the given height.

Option B: Instead of targeting a dead player, shift the focus to attempting to land onto one of the round elevator

platforms. Points were awarded for closest to the center of the platform, most distance, and "falling with style". You

MUST die in the fall to qualify and no use of any speed potions or the like is allowed. For this one, it’s three tries OR

death whichever comes first.

Option C: Equipped with Noggenfogger Elixir, everyone jumps off the North cliff of TB elevators and at the last moment

drinks their “juice”. If you don't get Slowfall, you die. This is more like a Russian roulette.

Fun Guild Events 3: Level 1 Race

This has been done plenty of times by plenty of people. It does require a little planning though. Make sure you pick a

good starting and finishing area, with a clear ‘line’ so no one has an advantage and there is no dispute over the winner.

For example, the end of a bridge or through a door is a good finishing line.

You also need to make sure that the path from one place to the other has some obstacles, like a boat or zeppelin. And

go through some areas where people are bound to be killed if they pick up mobs (Silverpine or Barrens.

Because it may give an unfair advantage to graveyard jump if you die, you must run back to your corpse.

Option A: Escort - Create a level one character as the “Escort” and then group up with others of a set higher level. Find

a starting point in an area where the Escort will agro fairly easily and die quickly. Have a goal to reach. The Escort is to

get in as much trouble as possible without straying from the path. Have multiple groups escorting characters on similar

paths. The group that reaches their goal with a live escort wins. Depending on the group sizes, you may increase or

decrease the level and/or distance across zone(s). Escorts that die may res but only at their corpse (no GY hopping) and

no mounts are allowed for any of the participants. To ensure an even greater challenge, the Escort can be with another

team so it is in their best interest to get in trouble.

Option B: Naked Dungeon Run - All participants start with no clothing (other than guild tabard). Form multiple groups

that will enter the instance at one time. The objective is to have the fastest completion time (all bosses killed) using only

gear picked up during the run. You want a minimum of 3 groups running. For level 85's group sizes can be as small as a

solo run. Group is not counted as done until all members exit. Deadmines is a good one to run (not heroic!) since a judge

can sit at the “exit” to know when each group has passed “through” the dungeon.

Fun Guild Events 4: Costume Contest

You’ll want to give lots of advanced notice of this one, because it might take a while to prepare. The idea is to dress

up as anything, whether it’s a Warcraft related theme or simply a pop-culture reference, using in-game gear for your

character. Creativity is the key to this competition.

Find somewhere to have your little show, and have everyone change and show their costumes one at a time. This way

everyone gets to see each costume up close and judge them!

At the end, take votes from all participants and spectators, top 3 from each. Tally it up and reward the top 3 costumes!

The Graveyard at Brill is an excellent show place for Horde members as there is a Mausoleum which has a door that can

be opened and closed by clicking on it, as well as a little elevated area that can be used as a stage. The little room with

the door makes a great change room. Examples …

  • Super Mario, with the Blue Overalls, Red Shirt, White Gloves and Red Hat.
  • Princess Peach using a long-haired blond Blood Elf male dressed up in a pink dress and tiara.
  • Ninja Turtle with the shield that looks like a turtle shell, a nice Hanzo sword, a headband and shaved head.
  • Harry Potter with a witch hat and broom and robes.
  • Sith Lord with robe, hood and Spellblade.
  • Gollum from LoTR made an appearance – figure that one out.

Fun Guild Events 5: Screenshot Find

Find a very out of the way location with some close hints of where it is without giving it away too easily. Take a screen

shot of yourself in the location VERY close up. Then another a little more backed out and another farther, etc. Post the

closest screen shot on your website 10 minutes before the set log time/date. Once everyone is logged in and ready, it is

up to them to find you based on the screen shot. If they cannot do it within a reasonable amount of time (20 minutes?

) post the next farther screen shot and let them know it’s up. Continue this at time intervals until someone is successful

and wins (finding you hiding there).

Option A: Provide an idea of something general to discover and have them screen shot the best representation of such

an item. Then post them to the website and have everyone judge the best shot. Example: Bird Statue … then they must

find something akin to a Bird Statue and post their best discovery.

Fun Guild Events 6: Death Race

Couple of variations will work on this one; high or low level changing the location to accompany. The goal is to race on

foot (no mount) through an area and see how far you get before dying. Stealth is NOT allowed; rogues may not even

want to try this one … and druids go as bear or something else. High levels could start outside an enemy capitol and run

as far into it as they can. Judge can roll a low level opposing faction to measure distances at death. Armor is an optional

rule that may enhance the race, i.e. naked death race.

Low levels could attempt the same or try something like a well populated zone with creatures that are more than 10

levels above. Something that guarantees death at some point … the idea is to see who can get the farthest before the

inevitable happens.

Fun Guild Events 7: Hide-N-Seek

Hide –N-Seek can be played in any capitol city, however, Thunder Bluff does quite well for this game. This is a simple

game with a quick setup and a lot of laughs to pass the time. The rules are simple:

  • NO Tracking skills allowed
  • NO Invisibility
  • NO /target <name> macros
  • NO Mounts (flying or otherwise)
  • NO moving once hidden
  • You MAY lie down to reduce your visibility
  • You MAY use size altering to reduce your visibility

You must define quite clearly what the hiding boundaries are before starting the game. All participants need to meet

at a starting point from which the person who is “It” must leave to hide. That person has 45-60 seconds (depending on

area size) to hide at which time all participants will then quest to find them. The person who finds the “It” must stand

on their spot and announce it to the group (guild chat or a general chat channel as grouping kills the sport). TB makes a

good spot as the person who is “It” can wait at the top of the elevators before starting while the rest of the group stays


Fun Guild Events 8: Tonk Wars

Engineers make tonk controllers for every participant in the guild. Meet up at a set location; somewhere with high

visibility is a plus. From this point, Tonk Warfare takes place with the last owner’s Tonk standing wins the match. This

can be run with a complex tournament setup or just general melee. Tournaments would include a single or double

eliminations bracket scoring. Despite the initial small investment to build the tonks (Gold and Mithril bars) this even is

quite quick and easy to setup and could be used as a general kill the time for guildies thought. Organizing the event into

a scoring bracket might make it more enticing for non-guild members to join the fun.

Fun Guild Events 9: Beggar Race

This has been done plenty of times with money but THIS time let’s try something different: mats. Each player takes a

level 1 ALT and runs around a capitol city begging for a specific cheap mat like Wool or Linen or Small Eggs. RAID up the

group to keep track of everyone and there will be an honor system so no mailing yourself extras, etc. At the end of a

time limit, everyone shows up at the bank and hands the judge their earnings.

Fun Guild Events 10: Fight Club - UPDATE

This is a Horde specific event due to the fact that it requires access to the Broken Tusk Inn directly in Ogrimmar. You

will need to start with 16 equal level participants setup in a RAID pairing two people per group. Each pair will begin

dueling INSIDE the Broken Tusk Inn. The only rules are that NO ONE is allowed outside the front door. All eight duels will

continue until winners are determined inside the Inn. The winners will then be repaired into new groups and the losers

will be dropped from the RAID. Continue until there is a single winner … pairing for matches should follow: 8 groups, 4

groups, 2 groups, 1 group – winner.

No longer works :(

"The exciting part is the close quarters combat plus the fact that AoE is NOT a smart choice being in close quarters with

Gammon. Yes … Gammon is a legitimate way to lose … or win, if you can figure out how to utilize him: mind control,

distracting shot, etc. Will this give some classes an advantage? Possibly … but its still fun. You must also deal with the

fact that other players will be moving through the Inn making it VERY crowded. All these factors will contribute to the

chaos that is Fight Club. Talk about it!!!"

Fun Guild Quickies

Train: Meet up somewhere naked, mounted up and walked towards a specific goal, something very apparent, in a train.

Everyone follows the leader with /train emotes going on all the time … great funny times.

Scary Invasion: Stock up on wands from Halloween. Once ready, have everyone transform into bats and fly around

invading Alliance towns or other “risky” areas.

Fishing Derby: Pick a location or a zone or an entire world but make sure it is defined. Have people fish for a certain

time limit (usually for half an hour). Hand out prizes for the most fish, the biggest fish, the strangest thing fished up, and

maybe any achievements gotten.

"You'll Feel Right as Rain" Cookie Achievement - Gather Coco beans from Cooking Dailies (from any who will help) until

you have enough mats to make 2-3,000 chocolate chip cookies. Daily will give you enough to make 80. Make them all up

and get together a large group of people and give 100 cookies to each. Eat. Get the achievement after eating 91 of them.

"Second That Emotion" Achievement - Make up 20-30 of each of the following recipes - Bad Clams, Last Weeks

Mammoth, Haunted Herring and Tasty Cupcake. Get a group together and pass out the goodies, one of each recipe per

person. Chow down and get the achievement.

"Critter Gitter" Achievement - Farm a bunch of chilled meat and Northrend cooking spices from Dailies to make 2-300

Critter Bites. Make them all and get together a large group of people and give them 10 critter bites each. Head outside

of Ogrimmar and have each person (one at a time due to time limit) toss critter bites to the swine critters gathering 10

of them for achieve in the time limit.

"The Fishing Diplomat" Achievement - Fish something up in Stormwind and in Ogrimmar. Find a safe spot in Stormwind

to summon folks to. Raid groups may not be able to get this, so may want to drop group after arrival.

"Old Ironjaw" Achieve or "Old Crafty" Achievement - Organize a fishing party. May want a brewfest pony or something.

Spend time fishing with friends at either location. Maybe award first to get achieve.

"Duel-icious" Achievement - Set up duals with guild members until all have this achieve. Only requirement is to win one


"Leeeeeeeeeeeeeroy!" Achievement - Kill 50 rookery whelps within 15 seconds. Located in Blackrock Spire dungeon.

"Going Down?" Achievement – There is a good spot off the West Elevators in Thunderbluff for this achievement.

"The First Rule of Ring of Blood is You Don't Talk About Ring of Blood" Achievement - Complete quests for Ring of

Blood in Nagrand, Ampitheater of Anquish in Zul'Drak and Cruciable of Carnage in Twilight Highlands.