Occifers & Rank

Chief Nutball (GM)

Occiferth (Officers and their Alts)

Guild Ice Chest (Support Personnel)

Guild Happy Person (Support Personnel)

Stands in Fire (Lifer)

Gnome Eater (Deeply involved in Guild)

Flower Slayer (Casual or Getting Involved)

Loose Change (Newbie)

Da Kids (Heavily Monitored permissions tied down rank for kids of Blokes)

Current Guild Officer Positions

  • Tcheekiin (GM)
  • Baldy (Co-GM/Banking Officer)
  • Syllenia (Raid Officer)
  • Matricular (Balls)
  • iHorde (Events Officer)

Guild Support Positions

  • Jodar (Guild Happy Person) - Basically our welcome lady, HR rep, guild relations and all around team spirit/motivator - Huurah!!!
  • Akrim (Guild Ice Chest) - Ale Officer and Deity of Malty Drinks
  • Mynagwen (Assistant Guild Ice Chest) - Beer ... more beer ... LOTS more beer!!!
  • Callahan (Assistant Guild Ice Chest) - Helps when there's just so damn much beer.
Horde Blokes Ranks