Other Games

What!?! There games OTHER than World of Warcraft!?!?!

C64 .. before its time.

Heheh ... well, actually we LOVE games and have been playing them with each other for more than two decades in some cases ... many of us started off with our massive (somewhat questionable legality) game collections for our Commodore 64s ... yeah, you heard me ... the C64 was a GOD of a machine and light years ahead of its time (patience was a 1541 floppy drive)!!!

We also did the whole dawn of the Nintendo age with our blistered thumbs and late night Mario games. Then Sega was released and it was ALL Final Fantasy galore ... between C64 games :) We were still pounding away on Pools of Radiance and Questron (and many others). Since then we've all moved on to other items, mainly PC games but console as well. For a time, a few of us even owned and operated a game store. So games have always been a major factor of our lives.

We love to play different games with each other and it dawned on me that we should be listing what we play somewhere easy for other members to reference ... so they can jump in on the fun being had :) Please post what games you play (and platform) other than World of Warcraft and we'll see about playing the "guild" beyond just WoW.

Other Games — May 28, 2012 5:44:52 PM

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