Other Games

Post date: May 28, 2012 5:44:52 PM

I tend to be behind on Console gaming. I remember watching my friends play The Legend of Zelda, Chrono Trigger, and Final Fantasy VI as a kid, but I did not get to play them until I got my own consoles in college. Since then, I have managed to only be a year or two behind - which works out since the games usually drop in price.

I tend to prefer turn-based RPGS, but they seem to be hard to come by now. Again, it works out, I will just explore all the old RPGS I have yet to play yet like Star Oceans, Wild Arms, and Alchemists of...

Kingdom Hearts got me, even though it is an action-rpg full of x smashing (ok, sometimes triangle smashing), but I probably got into it for the Square-Disney connection. For some reason, though, I only seem to enjoy the Sony releases of KH. The Gameboy titles did not grab me.

Looking on my shelf I have Radiant Historia, Alchemists of Arland, Star Oceans 2 (psp), Game of Thrones RPG all waiting for me during the Summer. Twisted Metal is on my wish list. I will buy Persona 5 the day it comes out, but will not buy a Vita just to play Persona 4 with a few added scenes. Well... I keep telling myself that.

I will probably try out Old Republic this Summer.

Board games are fun. My wife and I have become quite obsessed with Transamerica. She loves Chinese Checkers, but won't play with me because I suck at it. We also tend to play Chez Geek. I like other card games, but my addictive personality does not mesh well with collectibles. Having said that, I think we have a couple thousand Inu Yasha cards laying around the house. Shadowfist was the best, though.

Oh, and I play D&D, any edition is fine as long as I get to roll a d20 and have hit points. I prefer 2e with all its epic campaign setttings, but am only playing 3.5 at the moment. I am off and on in a Savage Worlds game. Interesting system, but I like levels.

I also like to make giant posts about stuff.