Wanna Join?

What is a Daffy Bloke you might ask?

Do any of these statements sound like something you might think?

  • I like to wander around, sometimes leveling, sometimes getting lost … sometimes just smelling the digital daisies.
  • I prefer to solo the game most of the time, sometimes group with one or two but nothing major.
  • I need a place to hide between my RAIDCore guilds schedule … someplace to tuck an ALT and know I won’t be responsible for anything. Down time kind of place.
  • I'm old ... need people that get that ... family people, married people, grandparents, uncles, aunts, career people, own-your-own-business people.
  • WoW is my chat program of choice … I can talk with everyone AND play a game at the same time. How cool is that!!!
  • I miss doing all the old skool stuff … I’d like to (re)visit old endgame content just to say I did it … or get the achievement … I admit … I’m an achievement freak!!!
  • I like to RAID but I simply don't want to have a job at it: no major schedule, no Marine Corp like requirements (Give 150% soldier or GET OUT) and people willing to help me through learning the fight ... even if I can't research it.
  • I want to just hang out with people who are chillin’ themselves. Maybe go do something goofy like two-man a RAID, fish in the strangest places or collect random vanity pets. I love guild chat that has nothing to do with the game … shoot the breeze and relax after a day of work (or school).

We’re just an old group of gamers and friends that have been wandering the halls of various servers in search of similar player types since the dawn of WoW. Some of our members are life-time social players, some are “retired” hardcore RAIDers, we even a few ex-PVP Arena freaks. Most of us are career working family people, so we don’t really have time for eDrama, taking the game seriously, or heavy whining about our entertainment.

After a long day, we really just want a lot of laughter, bad jokes and goofy fun. There’s no need to transfer, or feed the Blizzard cash Tauran unless you truly want … you can just create a new toon and find us on Kilrogg-US (PvE). We’re always leveling some character so you won’t be alone. It’s not how we roll … It’s how we Mosey

Would you care to join us in our fun and mischievousness?

There are plenty of ways to contact us ... you can find Tcheekiin in-game, you can in-game mail him, or you can even head over to our Discord Server and post there!!!


PLEASE NOTE: You can contact ANY Daffy Bloke online ... just press 'o' in game and click the Who-Is tab. Then type "daffy blokes" and press Search. It will list all our currently logged guild members. Ask any of them :)