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Can Dragonflight Make WoW Great Again?

After the last two let downs, I am apprehensive about the upcoming Dragonflight expansion. However, so far everything I've seen from reports, interviews and the Alpha testing has me cautiously hopeful.

Points that really have me excited ...

  • Dragons everywhere

  • Huge focus on professions (NEVER been done since Vanilla)

  • Return (and expansion) on deep spec trees for unique character builds

  • Did I mention dragons?

  • A central hub that feels more Dalaranish as a social gathering point for all players of all factions

  • Zones that are less "other worldly" and more lush (like Wrath)

  • And .. uh .. dragons ..

Dragons ... dragons dragons and more .. dragons ...

Remembering the last Blizzcon ...

So COVID has taken its toll in so many ways but one that may have quietly been lost is that of Blizzcon. Over more than a decade this has been an annual event for us Blokes to gather and partake of our shared love of gaming, good drink and great food. There are countless stories of our shared times at the various Blizzcons, each funnier than the next. Our last Blizzcon in 2019, we had no idea it would the be end of an era but at least it was a good end.

There is talk that they will bring Blizzcon back and I'm cautiously hopeful (like the next expansion) that they will but will it change? Will it forever be scared, a quiet victim of this horrific scourge made plague called COVID? Until I see my friends, my Blokes around the gaming tables again, here is one to hoping it remains the same amazing gathering as before. Life needs to have at least a few things that never change.

This is a general news/blog/forum/repository/etc of all our guild adventures :) Although we have spanned several servers over the years, we are now dedicated to playing on US Kilrogg. The server is PST (Pacific Time) and many of us are West Coast Players but we do have a small faction within the guild of East Coast Blokes. We are a tavern guild: we don't recruit ... our doors are always open, anyone is welcome to come in, sit down, have a drink and chat it up. Give us a ring if you are looking for someone to just hang with ... we don't take the game seriously ... we take having fun seriously. We do more than casual ... we Mosey :)