History of the Blokes

Where to start ... how about what a strange name for a guild? Why use it? Crazy old eccentric people? Much of the name has to do with the environment that we have created and the history of the leadership team. We have been close friends in the real world since before the Internet, gaming since the era of Commodore64s and TRS80s, many of us having been involved with old style BBSs, hex game programming and old fashioned pen and paper role playing. Since that time we have continued to game, experiencing a dynamic range of dedication to such entertainment, from hardcore role-playing immersion to a leisurely nonchalant attitude.With the advent of online gaming and Internet communities, came also the challenges of environmental blending: people who utilized the escape too far, degrading their ability to communicate well in society. Several of the leadership team have been leaders in the Internet world, working and developing large corporations that have a substantial impact on the technology and wired world we live in today. In our experiences we continued to witness parts of communities devolve; their social structure, falling further into what was an entertainment escape, now developed into a form of narcotic without a rehabilitation path. As with everything else, we took this with a tongue-in-cheek viewpoint and developed our original gaming clan: Daffy Bastards. This small community has existed since the 1990s in an attempt to provide a location for gaming individuals to visit, smile and spend a small amount of time back in the real world while playing: an escape for an escape.

Thus enters World of Warcraft to our storyline; having been involved with several alphas and betas online over the years, we went into this one with a good amount of apprehension. However, we were quite stunned to find an excellent development crew, strong community foundation and a doggone good game. We were hooked. All our Lineage, Evercrack, Asheron's Call, Star Wars Galaxies and Ultima Online accounts were abandoned; WoW or bust. But how do we approach developing this community? Do we run immersive? Do we role-play? Do we hardcore PvP? Do we even need a guild at all? Will the naming policy be our bane? :)

For starters, yes, we had to rename a few non-policy friendly names but we found Daffy Blokes to be quite comfortable, as it still imparts the same feeling as Daffy Bastards but within the confines of the Warcraft state of mind. Once again, we took a humorous viewpoint and decided to step outside this realm of losing oneself in a game and remain ourselves in spirit. Thus was born the Daffy Blokes guild for World of Warcraft.

We are not an immersive community although we do love a good role-playing game. We are not a hardcore PvP clan but we do enjoy a good toss in the street by the local tavern. We are not a competitive clan although we can hold our own. We ARE a community of people who appreciate that some humor is required for all situations in life. Despite the Daffy name, we tend to avoid complete silliness, we are just staring back at life with a sly grin on our faces and a dry wit.

So after this fairly long description, one that I'm sure was about as entertaining as a 2 hour lecture on the best techniques for painting the lines in a parking structure, I will end this with ... game on ... Mosey your way to fun. Remember. if you feel you don't fit, no hard feelings,no bad blood ... we wish you the best in your hunts and a good Tallyho for thee ... now off wit'cha, ya ... poor sap.


Future History ...

Just to give those an idea of what we, as a guild, have done SINCE the start of World of Warcraft I offer this tidbit.

We originally started on Kilrogg (US-PVE) as a collection of friends after Tcheekin had spent nearly nine months in closed beta (Friends & Family) becoming addicted early on. He, of course out of the goodness of his heart, corrupted his closest friends being that they were all gamers themselves. So Day 1 of WoW the Daffy Blokes were on their way to Moseydom with a small group that finally figured out how to sign the guild petition .... then a day or two of running around to be able to actually afford those tabards. We spent hours in Tcheekin's garage designing the actual guild emblem that adorns our tabards :)

So we ground our way up to end game (level 60 ... remember that?) always lacking a healer ... he was in Australia and wasn't able to log that often. I think our love for the game developed there since in those days, there were limited out of game resources to assist in figuring things out ... in many cases you were on your own completely. But that gave us time to fall in love with WoW and keep us permanently hooked.

After a year or so of the endgame "thing" a couple of Blokes decided to hop over to Dragonmaw (US-PvP) and give Alliance a try ... as well as world PvP. Boy howdy was that fun :) Some of the Blokes preferred to stay solely on Kilrogg but the new Dragonmaw guild (Still named Daffy Blokes) grew fairly fast. In our growth we actually "fathered" one player who went on to start one of the largest Alliance guilds on the server. The Blokes became the black sheep or "odd cousin" to them and off we went. Although we had experienced end game content before, many of us got to be part of the old 40 mans with our new found partnerships. Everything grew by leaps and bounds as we leveled up through the new Burning Crusade expansion but we still missed our old Blokers and many of us really missed being Horde (its in our blood).

So with Wrath of the Lich King on the horizon, we did something crazy ... we ALL (Dragonmaw and Kilrogg players) started brand spanking new toons (and a new Daffy Blokes guild) on Dark Iron as Horde!!! So all of the effort we placed into all our toons, since we each had at least ten or so across two servers, went into stasis ... we powered as ONE Guild through all the levels, put Kara on farm, began moving through the endgame Burning Crusade content ... and then the Lich King arrived!!! And we were the Daffy Blokes on Dark Iron.

With Cataclysm guild attendance began to decline particularly on the officer side ... most of this is due to the fact that Tcheekin, Baldy and Skreel (Kal) started a Game Store Cafe which sucked most of Tcheekin's real life spare time away. After a few years, the store was put down (hard economy) and Tcheekin had the chance to return to playing ... but several of the Blokes were no longer around in WoW ... still around in real life, just burnt out from WoW. Although we had made it into the heroic dungeons we simply did not have the attendance to 10-man anymore.

After a failed attempt to recruit like players on Dark Iron (mostly due to its very low population) , Tcheekin began a new campaign ... KILROGG RISING. Tcheekin began the resurrection of the Kilrogg guild (going home) as the server population was booming and the community alive. We not only successfully moved back to Kilrogg but we made several new friends there and added some great people to the guild!!! As Mists was released we were able to jump into scheduled RAIDs once more. Our extremely casual style of RAIDing and our love to play with new players had our guild halls echoing once more with chatter.

As the Mists of Pandaria dragged on and real life began to impact some of our older players, the Daffy Blokes began to decline in attendance. We didn't actually lose members ... they just went into a stasis as life took over. Some of the Blokes moved to other games ... many to other Blizzard releases (Heroes of the Storm, Hearthstone, Diablo) ... although in most cases, we still played together since Blokes aren't limited to being just a WoW guild.

So Warlords of Draenor entered all our lives from Beta invites to full release and the guild activity picked up again. We leveled together getting our Farmville (garrisons) going, running dungeons each Wednesday and generally getting back to Blokes basics. Then some of Blizzard's new games started really getting traction with our members. Several Blokes became deeply involved in Hearthstone and some of us started getting hooked into Heroes of the Storm.Our WoD attendance began to slow a little although we still RAIDed Blizzcon like we do every year :D

It got a bit exciting in the real world, though. Officers started having more kids and we had one of our founding members move his family to the central coast (CA) for a new job putting him smack in the center of Blokes territory (most the officers live here). Although this was exciting it also reduced our online presence due to the real life demands. To top it off, as Warlords of Draenor started to wind down, our Top Chief guy bought a house, moved his family and got a puppy (think infant with 2 year old attitude). Thiings became very quiet ... again, no one left, just busy with life and playing other Blizzard games.

And then LEGION happened... to quote my teen daughter ... OMG ... this expansion was amazing and brought old Blokes out of the woodwork!!! We had a whole set of new Blokes join us as well and voila, we were back to adventuring in groups, RAIDing and doing all the other things Blokes do. Eventually as the expansion moved into its age, life once again reared its head and the Daffy Blokes guild started to return to hibernation. No worries there ... we never die, we just sleep between late expansion gaps. Too many close friends to ever die :D

So here comes Battle for Azeroth and a return to the old days of world PvP!!! Once again, Daffy Blokes are popping up out of that long hibernation. The mosey has begun once more!!! Slowly but surely we are returning to the World of Warcraft game. Excited to once more see what the guild ends up doing .... or breaking :) And yes ... we are RAIDing Blizzcon again.

Here is to looking forward to the future of the Daffy Blokes ...

The Future
Kilrogg Rising