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Who are You

So who are we? What defines our guild?The word "Casual" gets way over used in guild descriptions these days and has really lost it's meaning. So let's start there ... we're not casual ... we mosey. That's right, we mosey and we mosey well. To us the game started as nothing more than a very interactive Instant Messaging system - "yeah .. chat AND play at the same time .. sweet!!!". However, the wonder of the game, the depth of it really drew us in and we are now proud to be WoW players even after all these years.

But it seems to be more than that ... we play to enjoy each other's company, not just to level or run an instance or RAID or PvP. We find a deep satisfaction in all aspects of the game ... to the point of even enjoying leveling ... yes, after all these years and all these toons, we still like to level and explore. World of Warcraft is an amazingly rich world but if we don't all take the time to see past the RAID Queue, we'll never know.

So what do we do as a guild? The usual stuff ... level, run dungeons, RAID, PvP in world, Arena and Battlegrounds ... we also like to change it up a lot to keep it alive. Ale Runs, old school instance/RAID runs, fishwars, and just about anything else we can come up with ... got an idea? Put it on the discussion board and we'll make it an event.

We strongly believe that the guild members should fit the guild and it's their responsibility as well as the guild's to know if they belong or not. So now that you know what we are all about, you can ask yourself the question "is that me?". Below are a few easy summaries to describe your possible demeanor towards playing ... they might help. Or check out our Wanna Join? tab for a deeper self-test :)

Role Players, Immersive Players Although we love a good RPG, we're not an "immersed" group by choice. There are several social, environmental and psychological reasons for this decision but that is for another time and place. If you are set on getting deeply involved with the story lines of Warcraft we may not be the guild that can provide the most enjoyment for your time.

Game Intensive, Competitive Players Sometimes called "hardcore" or those who focus on one aspect of the game: PvP, Raids, High Level attainment, etc... We can''t provide the structure, tactical training, large size or item factory you may desire for your playing experience. Although we have a solid foundation for equipment sharing, guild bank and such it is no where near the high level of structure intensive players may desire. However, we love everyone so you are more than welcome to give us a try :)

Entertainment Players This is the meat and bones of Daffy Blokes; individuals who play for casual ammusement. We are a community built with this idea in mind. We have a charitable staff, solid proven leadership and a desire to nurture communication between all makes and models of people online. We love those willing to experiment within the game; different skill sets, classes, races.

If you are a player that is at ease with themselves, life and the game ... stop on by, lay yer boots on the table, lean back and let's tip a tankard together ... you may be an old bloke and never knew.

Long Term Gaming Friends

Most of us have been playing and will continue to play online games more than just World of Warcraft. Many of us have few preferences for game "types" and are known to play just about anything out there ... so if yer a Bloke, feel free to be a Bloke on EVERY game ... let your fellow Blokes know what else you are playing ... chances are you'll find a fair number of us also playing, or ready to try whatever the game happens to be :)

Check out our new section on listing Other Games we play!!